Untact health care app
Bio Passport V2

A high-risk virus occurs every 4-5 years!
Recently, high risk persons are those with chronic diseases or the elderly.
Bio Passport Applications are a plausible solution.


Why Bio Passport?

Safely manage your health with Bio Passport, a telehealth platform that can remotely monitor personal health in the post-corona era, COVID-19, lung cancer and atopic test kits


Untact diagnosis and treatment essential

Diagnosis and treatment for various diseases such as infectious disease, corona, and lung cancer that occur once every 4-5 years can be easily diagnosed and treated in a non-face-to-face (remote) mobile app


Secure management of personal medical records

DID technology implementation to secure and manage medical information.
Users can control and offer their data to public health institutions, reseach facilties, and other health related organizations for their own benefit.


Safe travel with a health passport

Ease of submitting personal medical data, including post COVID-19 times, infectious diseases and chronic diseases, to airports, hotels, travel agencies, etc.

Bio Passport
Token Document

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Bio Passport Application

The Bio Passport platform has the following key features:


Securely management of personal healthcare data based on distributed identity technology

Token Compensation System

Rewards with tokens when using services within the platform (incentive program)

Telemedicine and Counseling

Diagnosis, medical treatment, and consultation on post-corona era, non-face-to-face infectious diseases, chronic diseases, etc.

Subscribed Integrated Diagnostic Kit

Subscribe-based purchase of diagnostic kits for integrated diagnosis of various infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Buy/Sell Personal Medical Records

Individuals can directly offer their own personal medical records to public health institutions, research institutes, universities reseach programs, and hospitals.

User friendly UI/UX

Intuitive UX input method via QR code and heart rate monitoring

Token Distribution & Roadmap

Bio Passport
Token Team

Woongsik Ahn


Jihyun Kim


Vice President
Young-il Nam

Vice President

Director of R&D Center
Hyun-il Choi

Director of R&D Center

Dong-Hae Seo